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360° Management Assessment Profile

Now, more than ever, growing and developing talent in-house is crucial to
business success. If you are serious about leadership development and are already
doing succession planning or are about to embark on a succession planning effort then you realize the importance of identifying the developmental needs of your leaders. We have a
360° Assessment tool you will want to consider. It’s different than many of the 360°s you’ve seen because of what it measures.
17 Core Competencies

These are the core competencies our 360° Assessment measures. We can customize these to your needs.

  1. Managing Vision/Purpose

  2. Leading Others

  3. Innovating

  4. Business Acumen

  5. Motivating Others

  6. Reflecting/Self Aware

  7. Coaching/Mentoring Others

  8. Diversity Advocate

  9. Conflict Management

10. Willingness to take Risks

11. Building Effective Teams

12. Managing/Measuring Work

13. Adapting to/Handling Change

14. Delegation & Time Management

15. Customer Focus

16. Interpersonal Savvy

17. Integrity and Trust

10 Derailers

Derailers are personal attributes which can cause leaders to fail even when they possess the competencies and skills needed to perform their role or job function. Derailers are often described as "blind-spots" which are observed by others but not seen by leaders themselves. We can can customize these to your needs as well.

  1. Argumentative, overly skeptical

  2. Defensiveness

  3. Insensitivity to needs of others

  4. Approval dependent

  5. Aloof, distant, unapproachable

  6. Makes political missteps

  7. Micromanages

  8. Overly ambitious

  9. Arrogant, belittling of others

10. Volatile, overly emotional


Our 360° Assessment does what many do not: it measures learning agility which directly correlates to potential. Based on work done by the Center for Creative Leadership our 360° Assessment plots a leader's performance and potential on a  9-Box grid providing an immediate snapshot of the leader's readiness for advancement.

In addition we provide a detailed Toolkit directly tied to our 360° Assessment to aid participants in crafting a developmental action plan. We also provide maximum flexibility, allowing an internal HR representative to give the 360° feedback or we can do so if you prefer. To give you an idea of how our 360° Assessment is different, we are offering a free trial. Select one leader in your organization and let us work with him/her to complete a 360° Assessment and provide you with the results. Once you see what our 360° measures we believe you'll want to use it in your leadership development efforts. Please call for pricing.

Check your
downloads folder.

Predictive Index

As an option to our 360° Assessment we offer the Predictive Index which provides a deep understanding of the drives, needs, and resultant behaviors of leaders, managers, and employees. An individual's behavioral "style" often provides insight into the scores received on the 360° or the cause of derailers.

Give us an hour and we'll show you how to transform your organization so it can thrive in a rapidly changing world. 
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