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Senior level managers often dream of leading powerful, exciting organizations – companies that add shareholder value, amaze customers with world-class service, and make a positive difference in the world. They dream of growing highly talented, motivated people who take great pleasure in doing compelling, meaningful work. Such dreams can be reality. We can help make it happen.
Talent Optimization

You feel it in your gut – a sense that your company can’t shift into a higher gear. You may be rich with talented individuals, but they’re not assembled and managed in a way that motivates them to the top of their game. Or maybe leaders across your organization make bad hires.


It’s not your fault.


Few tools exist that help you analyze talent and guide team creation. Few tools help people understand how to improve their own performance. Few tools let you see the whole person or team in the context of your strategic goals.


Until now....

The Predictive Index puts you – and your fellow leaders – in the driver’s seat so you can control outcomes and steer your company in the right direction. With confidence.

Defining a Success Profile
Do you know what the ideal, future leader should look like for your organization – the leader who will take you forward into the future?
We can help your organization develop a "Success Profile" – that is, the critical competencies needed by individual contributors and managers at all levels to lead the organization into the future. We have worked with scores of organizations in first defining its core business initiatives and then determining the ideal skills needed by all leaders to support those initiatives. We can help you do just that and then you are ready to hire, train, reward, and promote those who live up to the ideal.

360° Assessment

We provide coaching for leaders and managers using our Management Assessment Profile (MAP) 360° assessment tool. Our MAP measures 17 critical competencies and evaluates 10 possible “derailers” that might undercut a leader’s career. The results identify areas for improvement as well as indicate performance and potential on a 9-Box Grid. We also provide a Toolkit of actionable strategies for working on any uncovered developmental needs. Our 360° is in use by many organizations to aid their succession planning and talent development efforts. For more information about our 360° Assessment click the button below

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Talent Management

We can help your organization with talent management efforts through the design and development of "high potential" talent pools. We can also assist you in conducting annual talent reviews and calibration meetings to ensure your company has identified and developed the talent it needs.

9-Box Talent Assessment

9 Box grid new.png
Performance Management

While performance reviews are required in most organizations, most managers are encumbered by outdated approaches and forms. As a result, performance reviews are often counter-productive and may demotivate employees rather than spurring them to improve. Our approach to performance management ensures your leaders are evaluating employees not only for results ("what" was accomplished), but the behaviors employed to get results ("how" results were accomplished). Both the "what" and the "how" must be evaluated to ensure performance reviews are fair and to ensure a positive workplace.

Curriculum Development

Organizations on average spend over $1,600 per employee, per year on training. Unfortunately much of that investment is lost because training often fails to be adequately "linked" to core business strategies. Additionally, training efforts are often wasted because training delivered before it's needed is lost through a lack of use, and training delivered after it's needed must work to overcome bad habits. We can help you build a core curriculum of management and leadership training linked to business strategies that can transform your company by meeting the needs of leaders at just the critical time when they need new skills.

Give us an hour and we'll show you how to transform your organization so it can thrive in a rapidly changing world. 
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