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High tech companies are constantly confronting turbulence and change: Product life cycles shorten. Technologies evolve. New competitors emerge. The key to success is to not only to stay ahead of changes in technology and be vigilant for changing competitors, but also to develop and grow organizations that are nimble and quick. The problem is that growth may plant the seeds for decline. How? As they grow high tech companies often become stodgy and slow.  As new employees are hired and hierarchies grow communication often falters and inefficiencies develop.

LeadingWave Consulting can help new or existing technology companies stay nimble and quick.  Through sound organizational development strategies we can keep your organization moving at the speed of light, even as you develop a culture that stimulates creativity, teamwork, and integrity. Give us an hour and we will show you how your organization can embrace a constantly changing future and thrive in a highly competitive environment.

Our Approach to Organization Transformation

• Hiring

• Training

• Appraisals

• Rewards

• Succession

...leading to revisions and alignment of all HR systems.

...and the defining of new skills needed at all levels...

...requires changes in mission, culture, structure....

Constantly changing technology...

A Few of Our Technology Clients

LeadingWave Consulting provided us with deep insight into how to truly transform an organization and ensure leaders develop and are prepared to take on advanced leadership roles. Excellent, very helpful, I highly recommend them.

D. Elaine Gause, NASA Langley Research Center

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