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We have a number of leadership and management development training programs available. We can tailor our education programs to your company's needs. Programs can be conducted by LeadingWave certified instructors or by your own internal instructors.

This high-level presentation for key leaders introduces a step-by-step process for transforming an organization to confront a rapidly changing world. The highly interactive session shows how to identify changes taking place in the environment and then how to align company mission, business strategies, and culture. Then it provides insight on how to "link" HR systems to redirect company efforts.   


This program introduces leaders to five leadership styles and via case studies helps them to identify and use each of the leadership styles based on the competency and motivation of each follower. Insight and specific strategies are provided on how and when to employ each style. The key to leading in turbulent times is versatility and this training program teaches just that.


This training program identifies the seven change dilemmas which can prevent a leader from successfully implementing change. Strategies are provided for overcoming each dilemma. Then, participants are taught a technique called "Change Mapping" – a means of not only identifying possible reactions to change but also techniques for gaining stakeholder support for change.


This workshop provides participants deep insight into the dynamics of effective teams through the use of two fun and entertaining simulations. Participants discover how to increase team effectiveness and how to assess their current teams to determine areas for improvement. Also introduced is the danger of Group Think and how an effective leader can ensure sound group decisions are made in difficult times.


Beginning with an introductory simulation this program teaches participants how to overcome rating errors. It then teaches how to set clear, performance expectations, provide regular feedback, and conduct annual reviews effectively. It provides skills in corrective coaching and provides a great tool for analyzing and solving people problems.


No basic skill is more important than the ability to relate to and get along with other people. Those with good interpersonal skills are more productive and find it easier to gain endorements for their ideas. This program teaches participants how to identify four distinct interpersonal styles (analyzer, collaborator, innovator, and implementer) and then to adapt to the different styles to improve business interactions.


This program will acquaint managers and leaders with the laws governing fair employment practices. It introduces participants to the most common management laws and through case studies helps prevent them from violating these laws. This highly interactive, engaging training program focuses on the "hotspots" where many violations occur.


This workshop provides would-be mentors with insights on how to form mentoring relationships and how to effectively coach and nurture mentees. During the program participants complete and score a Mentoring Assessment Tool which will give them insight on their current mentoring skills and how to further develop skills in mentoring and developing others.

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