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U.S. healthcare providers have long been dealing with a toxic combination of high costs and uneven quality. More recently they’ve confronted drastic government “fixes” and decreasing reimbursement rates that have not only eroded margins but have threatened their very survival. What’s worse is that the problems are often amplified by poor management and leadership skills at all levels. The results are predictable: high turnover, low employee and patient satisfaction, and a culture that may work against the best interest of all stakeholders.

LeadingWave Consulting has worked with a number of healthcare providers to help them turn the tide. We can help your healthcare organization redirect its efforts around a compelling mission, sound business strategies, and a powerful, patient-centered culture. We will help you identify the “success profile" of the ideal leader for the future and then work with you to transform your organization through more effective talent acquisition and talent development efforts. Our leadership and management training will provide practical “how to’s” for new nurse supervisors, seasoned nurse leaders, and senior level management. Give us an hour and we’ll share with you a proven method for transforming your healthcare organization.

Our Approach to Organization Transformation

• Hiring

• Training

• Appraisals

• Rewards

• Succession

The changing healthcare environment...

...requires changes in mission, culture, structure....

...and the defining of new skills needed at all levels...

...leading to revisions and alignment of all HR systems.

About Our Nurse Leadership Training

A Few of Our Healthcare Clients

- Chief Clinical Officer, Kindred Healthcare

I initially did not want to attend the nurse leadership seminar due to my desire to stay in the building. I've learned so much these three days, I am excited to go back and implement and share the knowledge and tools.  Thanks a million!

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