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Talent Optimization

Talent optimization is where
people and business strategy meet.
Do you spend days crafting a business strategy for your company or function only to discover your actual business results are subpar, with targets and business objectives missed? Very likely the reason is because of the people you rely on to accomplish results. That's where talent optimization can help.

Talent optimization is a data-driven, four-part, organizational framework you can use to empower your people to carry out your business strategy and achieve optimal results.
Build high-performing teams

A team is only as strong as its people. You might have a cutting-edge business strategy, but what good is it if your people aren’t in tune with each other or the strategy they’re pursuing? Talent optimization gets to the heart of team issues. Understand where your team’s natural strengths and opportunity areas lie, and take steps to improve team cohesion and crush your goals.

Bring the right people to the game

Hiring can often feel like a toss-up, and traditionally it has been. According to the State of Talent Optimization Report, only 49% of 2019 hires turned out to be right choices for the role. Talent optimization gives you the tools to hire smart. Use people data, like behavioral traits and cognitive ability, to make objective hiring decisions and put candidates in roles where they "fit" and thrive.

Improve employee performance

Any employee can be an A-player. But that’s assuming they’re motivated to succeed – that they feel their needs are heard and their goals are worth pursuing. Talent optimization gives you a playbook to inspire and develop your people. Use behavioral insights to strengthen communication, create new career paths, and foster a culture of self-awareness.

Measure engagement

Engagement can be mystifying. Even if employees have the right skills and temperament for their jobs doesn’t guarantee they’ll be engaged, motivated, or productive. Talent optimization lets you take action on engagement. Pinpoint areas of disengagement within your organization and team, and take steps to improve the employee experience.

The Predictive Index (PI)

The Predictive Index provides a deep understanding of the drives, needs, and resultant behaviors of leaders, managers, and employees. Using the data created by the PI you can optimize your teams to ensure they are focused on team goals, hire people whose behavioral inclinations "fit" the job you need doing, and inspire your existing employees so they are motivated and engaged.

Give us an hour and we'll show you how talent optimization can help your organization thrive.
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