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Leadership Style: Instructive

Individuals who have low competence but high levels of motivation are considered "novice followers." Often, newer workers fall into this category – not sure what or how to proceed, but enthusiastic about the role they've accepted. The appropriate leadership style to use is Instructive.

Style Description

The instructive style is characterized by coaching and mentoring. This style taps into your own knowledge, experience, and insights to develop the individual. While highly motivated, this person hasn’t the knowledge and understanding (competency) you have. As a leader you should be willing to share your insights and knowledge. This person will likely look to you for guidance and direction. Feed this hunger to learn by developing his/her skills. Become a coach and mentor and willingly impart your knowledge so as to help this individual grow. You possess the knowledge and understanding this person aspires to attain. Your ability to influence and lead this individual hinges on his/her recognition of your knowledge and expertise. Exert that influence by meeting often to share your insights.

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