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Leadership Style: Participative

When a person's competence is at medial levels and motivation is as well, he/she is deemed to be a "capable follower" and the appropriate leadership style to use is Participative.

Style Description

This style is characterized by sharing control of the project and working together to ensure its successful completion. This style taps into the individual's adequate competence and sufficient motivation level. Your greater involvement is needed however because the person is not fully competent and to ensure the person's motivation is sufficient to see the project through to completion. Use this shared approach to further develop the individual's competence and also an opportunity to increase the person's level of motivation. As you work together provide your insights on alternative approaches and your experience with similar projects as a means of increasing the individual's competence to tackle similar projects in the future. Also further bolster the person's motivation by emphasizing the importance of the project and conveying your need for him/her to tackle it with vigor and enthusiasm. You should maintain adequate control be sure the person is motivated to seek you out for help and enthusiastic about improving his/her skills.

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