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Leadership Style: Persuasive

When an individual's competence is high but his/her motivation is low, the appropriate leadership style to employ is Persuasive. This individual is likely an alienated follower.

Style Description

For this individual you should use a persuasive leadership style. Such a style will require you to inspire and motivate. You should try not to resort to your position or role authority to get compliance, but choose, rather, to encourage and convince through informal means. The person is competent but does not seem motivated to do what needs doing. Try to muster your best people skills and attempt to increase this person’s motivation level. In other words, lead by inspiring him/her. Recognize and praise this person’s past accomplishments and remind him/her of the role and the importance of that role. As with the autocratic leadership style you will probably need to monitor this person closely to ensure he/she follows through on tasks – not because of a lack of competence, but because of a lack of motivation. Appeal to this person’s heart. Something or someone may have demotivated this person and you should seek to find the cause of diminished motivation. Keep in mind that attempting to motivate someone can be accomplished in two basic ways: 1) point out the positive consequences of good performance, or 2) point out the negative consequences of continued unenthusiastic effort. Watch this person for potential grumbling that may impact others.

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