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Leadership Style: Participative

When an individual's competence is high and motivation is medium, he/she is considered a capable follower and the appropriate leadership style to employ is Participative.

Style Description

For capable followers a participative style is likely most appropriate. This style is characterized by sharing control and/or decision making. This style is collaborative in nature. Too much control by you as a leader risks demotivating the individual. The intent here is to recognize the person’s relatively high competence and motivation with more say in those things impacting him/her. You can be more trusting of this individual because his/her good sense (competence) and motivation to do what is appropriate. Relinquish control by reducing the amount of follow-up and monitoring of tasks or duties. Grant some independence and autonomy as a reward for his/her competency and motivation. Additionally seek this person’s insight and advice – after all, he/she is fairly competent and deserves involvement in decisions. Work together as a team in solving issues or in deciding how best to deal with challenges or setting direction. Avoid asserting positional authority by relying more on your informal influence.

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