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Explanation: How important is it to resolve the problem you've described? Not all people problems are worth the time and effort to correct and not all are impactful to business.

Other Questions to Ask

What would happen if you left the problem alone? Would it worsen or remain essentially the same?

Will business be adversely impacted if the problem is allowed to continue?

Are there other more pressing issues and problems that need attention?

Could the problem be more a matter of personal preference than a genuine problem that demands attention?

Analyzing and Solving People Problems


Many young men entering the workforce during the 1960's followed the trends of the day and had long hair and beards. Some older, conservative managers within hiring organizations were disturbed by what they called the "long hair" problem. They felt corrective action was needed. However, when asked what impact "long hair" might have on business, many grudgingly acknowledged "long hair" would probably not impact business adversely. Conversely, when factory shop foremen were asked if "long hair" constituted a serious problem, many affirmed the dangers associated with "long hair" when in proximity to machinery and conveyor belts. In the first instance, then, "long hair" was simply a personal difference, while in the other it might be described as an important problem because of safety concerns.

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