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Has the poor performer ever been able to perform satisfactorily? A skill that once existed but is lost due to forgetting or a lack of practice requires a different solution than one that never existed. This question seeks to discover whether at some time in the past the poor performer could perform but is incapable now. 

Other Questions to Ask

Was the performance of the poor performer ever satisfactory? When?


Has performance always been substandard?


Is it possible the poor performer has forgotten how to perform?

Analyzing and Solving People Problems


To illustrate how a skill can disappear if not used regularly over time, consider the following algebraic equation. Can you solve for "x"?

Most of us were introduced to simple, algebraic equations in school. However, because we don't often use algebra in every day life, our skills have likely faded. The point is this: solving simple algebra equations – a skill that once existed for most of us but now doesn't – would only require refresher training, not a full semester of algebra. The same is true of your poor performer. If she can't perform, but used to be able to perform, your solution to improving her performance will be different than if she never had the skill.

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