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Does this person have the aptitude to perform the job?  Sometimes a highly motivated person who gets the necessary training, regular practice, and ongoing feedback simply does not have the aptitude for a certain job. Though rare, a highly complex skill may be so difficult to acquire that even if a person has the desire to succeed and receives the best training he simply cannot master it.

Other Questions to Ask

Does this person have the capacity to learn and apply the skill?

Has this person demonstrated the desire to learn?

Is he/she showing frustration at his/her lack of progress in mastering the skill?

Analyzing and Solving People Problems

Case in Point

Andrea Manz wants to be a marine biologist, but she finds herself struggling with the organic chemistry. Andrea has read and reread her textbooks, and has spent long hours studying the course work. During the last several weeks she has gotten tutoring from her professor, but still she "doesn't get it." She thought with extra effort and long hours should would be able to overcome the difficulties she has been having, but she seems to be falling further and further behind. Despite her best efforts Andrea has concluded she simply isn't "wired" for organic chemistry. She knows she could keep at it, but she is beginning to realize that organic chemistry will always be a problem for her and will likely create difficulties for her in graduate school. It is possible Andrea doesn't have the aptitude needed to succeed.

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